Welcome to S. Mansukhlal & Co.

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of all Herbal & Gum items better known as Pooja /Ritual/Religious items since last 30 Years.

The art and science of incense making at our company has been inherited by four generations for over a century now, a passionate art of blending fragrances and the science of using the best ingredients

Work and meditate, meditate and work is a key ingredient in every aspect of life here at S.Mansukhlal & Company

We manufacture Herbal & Gum items in a variety of thickness, colors and fragrances packed in Paper Tubes, Cardboard Square and Rectangular Boxes, Flat pouches and Hexagonal packets.



Our products:

  • Dhoop (Gum Olibanum)
  • Loban (Gum Benzoin)
  • Guggal
  • Hawan Samagri
  • Gum Incense




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